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Amor en Linea Review 2023

Amor en Linea Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 23-34
Profiles 350 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A shared database with other dating services of the 3H GROUP
  • Active and talented CEO, who doesn’t pursue more and more members but develops the industry on conferences like iDate
  • Legit dating site
  • Promotes online safety rules among members
  • Strong positions at the market with more than 20 million users
  • Loyalty to the sexual orientation of members
  • Anonymous profiles, no real names, emails, or phone numbers
  • Strict requirements for profile photos
  • Totally free dating with no hidden services or premium accounts
  • Advanced search option
  • Mobile app for Android and IOS
  • Anti-scam “Report Member” button
  • Special features, like Shout Out service
  • The app is available only in Spanish
  • Too detailed profiles
  • Ads
  • Simple design and navigation

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What Do We Know About Amor en Linea?

Amor en Linea has been holding its positions at the market for more than ten years. It is the offspring of the Oasis Active, a popular dating network in South America and Australia. It was established by Dave Heysen and Daniel Haigh. The dating site is actually the result of a merger. The founders aimed at cooperation and better dynamics. This step made it possible to bring extra members outside Australia. The Amor en Linea review shows that all the websites of these brands work separately but have the same base of profiles. It encourages its members to create only one account because the platforms share the database. ThisAmor en Linea review will provide you not only with the site’s features but also with the free Android app description.

What can be better about a dating site than a large number of people to communicate with? Today’s platform has a strong position here. The shared data of the group of dating websites makes it an online dating giant. What else? A group of qualified professionals supports it 24/7. You do not have to worry about your online safety and personal information. Everything is anonymous unless you want to make it public. Another plus point is their rules system – everything runs like a clockwork. Each member follows strict regulations when choosing a profile photo. It makes all the pages look systematically and clear.

Online safety is a number two priority. The possibility of sending a report about a suspicious member makes others feel more comfortable and confident during the dating process. The same is about set rules page and operators who spread them. Another important thing for manners or Amor en Linea is its usability— it is a strong point here. The website provides an advanced search option and useful unique features. The search allows you to use various filters, including the one to look for people in your district or street. This function is presented in Amor en Linea mobile application, as well.

Free and transparent services is another advantage here. Not every dating site can do their job fairly. Most of them suggest premium accounts for their members or provide some additional assistance with hidden payments. Of course, being freemeans that the dating site makes money off advertisements. Ads are always a drawback for websites. Fortunately, they are not too pushy here. Another disadvantage is the simplicity:apart from advanced search and a few special options, it does not suggest any exciting things. This is a week point, especially for young members, who enjoy video calls and gamification.

Is Amor en Linea Legit or Scam?

Is Amor en Linea Legit or Scam
  • “Report Member” button
  • “Safe Dating Tips” page

The website suggests real profiles with real people standing behind them. It is 100% legit and does not do business out of fakes. There are two possible ways of how you can become their member. You can either register with your email or use your Facebook account. Another legit feature is that they verify your photos before making them available for other users. Amor en Linea’s operators constantly publish scammer safety rules. Of course, safety rules do not deter all members, so there is a theoretical possibility of facing scammers. The website has a special button called “Report member.” Scam victims’ reports allow moderators to block suspicious profiles. Even registration with Facebook cannot prevent new scammers, but following online safety rules can. Amor en Linea has a page with detailed explanations called “Safe dating tips.” They prevent a user from becoming a scam victim, so read carefully.

Analyzing the Website’s Members

Analyzing the Website’s Members
  • 22.4 million members
  • South and Central America, Australia, Spain

Amor en Linea is quite international. However, it does not plan to continue to push internationally. This Amor en Linea review will demonstrate that Amor en Linea dating will continue spreading in Central and South America, Australia, and Spain. There is a slight difference between website and app users’ location. The highest number of participants are Colombians, Mexicans, Argentinians, Chilians, and Spanish. While Amor en Linea mobile app users mostly include Australians, Americans, and theBritish. Taking into account the shared database of profiles, the total number of members is 22.4 million. The number of those who registered through Amor en Linea online website is about 1 million. Other usersregistered through sister sites. More than three hundred thousand people use Amor en Linea at the moment. There are a bit more women than men.

Sexual Preference of Members

Sexual Preference of Members
  • Transsexuals
  • Heterosexuals
  • Homosexuals
  • Transvestites

Once you decided to register on Amor en Linea, you should choose one of four statements to specify your gender and the gender of your future mate. You may choose from: man searching for a woman, woman searching for a woman, man searching for a man. The Amor en Linea review demonstrates the loyalty to their members’ sexual orientation. The website allows both heterosexuals and homosexuals to find their matches. There is a field to specify your sexual orientation in the profile. You may choose between transsexual, transvestite, or your variant. The visibility of this feature is optional. It is up to you whether to make this information available to others or not. It also allows members to mention whether they want to be matched with other sexual orientations or not. It is located at the bottom of your settings page.

Age of Members

  • Aged 25-34

Amor en Linea dating is available for all ages. The range is from eighteen to whatever age allows you to use the website or the app. Approximately half of their members are from twenty-five to thirty-four. It is the most popular age, although there are 55+ users, as well.

Signing-Up &Signing-Inin Details

Signing-Up &Signing-Inin Details

You can sign up both through your email and Facebook account. Once you enter using Facebook, you are suggested to choose your username and password. A weird suggestion, because Facebook login is supposed to be fast and easy. On the other hand, this step allows you to have a namethat is different from your Facebook one. The same is about your password. The next step is creating your profile and starting Amor en Linea online.

How to Create Your Profile?

How to Create Your Profile
  • Strict requirements for a profile picture
  • Limitations for members with incomplete profiles
  • Accounts from the related websites are also available
  • English/Spanish language support
  • The description field and a variety of additional information to choose

Creating the profile is a serious business, and Amor en Linea review will get you through the whole process. First of all, you should choose and upload your profile photo. Unlike other popular dating sites, it has specific requirements for that: other members should see your face clearly, you are not allowed to upload nude photos or sexually suggestive ones. Our Amor en Linea review also offers you the following rules: 360*540 pixels picture, minimum 3 MB, use zoom to focus on your face. It should not be too far away, too dark, too blurred, or has more than one face. The dating site claims that the profile with a photo receives 17 times more likes. Once you are ready with it, you can move to the next step — details. You should come up with a short description of your personality and lifestyle. It will be the second thing other participants see about you. Fill in your location and identity (including relationship status, nationality, and languages) fields. The website works in English and Spanish, by the way. Choose details that describe your appearance. Make a list of your interests. Help the website understand your wishes. This should help to find a perfect match. The section “What I am looking for” suggests you specify your match’s gender, age, maximum distance. It also has three statements to choose from:

  • You do not want to be matched with transsexuals
  • You do not want to be matched with English speaking members
  • You do not want members to contact you unless they match the same criteria

How Does Communication Work Here?

  • Start texting within three days after the member you liked responds
  • Use shout out messages

Before you start your communication, you are suggested to use a high-quality search for possible matches. It can be based on age you want your partnerto be. Another possible search ground is the location. You may choose a country, state or province, and the platform will look for a mate within the given location. The next interesting advanced option is the search by distance. Once you allow the dating site to use your location, it will be able to look for a partner within the given range around you;you can narrow down your search to online members only.

About the Platform Itself

Desktop Version

Desktop Version

The desktop version of Amor en Linea works even better than the app. Well, it has its pros and cons, of course. First of all, you have the same mobility, as the desktop version has a mobile mode with all the necessary functions. In order to start communication, you like someone’s profile and wait for the response, which comes in three days maximum. It may be a “like,” a “maybe,” or a “cut.” Once you get a “like” response, you can start communicating with the person of interest. Messages popup even when muted so you won’t miss any. The same is about notifications when someone likes your pages. Your contacts are listed in the corner so that you can text them with one click. The most popular of your contacts are listed at the top.

Mobile App

Mobile App

The app is available in English and Spanish. It covers the whole base of members from 3H Group Pty Ltd. In comparison to the mobile or desktop version, the application suggests big and clear profile images. Other features also look clear and neat. The Amor en Linea review provides you with bare facts, and it’s obvious that the app is the best tool to use the location search. Simply turn your location on, give the desired parameters, and you will get the list of members that are, for example, within a radius of 1km. This is a huge plus. It makes you available for dating, no matter how far from home you are. You also do not need to worry about timing. You find a match close to your office and offer to have some coffee. As simple as that. What else do you receive with the dating app:

  • update your profile
  • upload new pictures
  • check your matches’ accounts
  • look for online members nearby
  • communicate using an unlimited number of free massages, likes, etc.

Design and Usability

Design and Usability

The design has something in common with its sister websites. The logo has similar blue and green hearts like Oasis’s logo does. The top bar for members includes: logo, alerts, news, and shout out buttons. The latter is a creative Amor en Linea function that allows you to connect a thousand members at once. It gives you 5 messages to choose from:

  • Check out my profile!
  • Contact me! I am looking for new friends.
  • Do you want to chat?
  • Are you looking for a date?
  • Check out my photo gallery!

There is an ad below the top bar (another ad is on the right), but it is dating-themed and does not bother much. If you want to check the website before using it, you can skip filling the profile. You still need to log in, but you will save time on uploading pictures and giving your bio details. However, a raw page has some limitations:you cannot like more than 10 members until you finish it.

How Do You Navigate It? The main menu includes:

  • matches
  • who likes me
  • who I like
  • my maybes
  • search

You can use the filter and changing order functions when searching for a partner. At the bottom of the page, you can read their privacy policy, terms, safe dating tips, affiliate programs, and advertising packages. The right bar includes chat and contacts buttons. In the top right corner, you will see your username and a hidden menu, which includes:

  • profile status (choose from Online, Do not disturb, Away, Invisible)
  • update profile settings
  • update photo
  • update gallery
  • settings
  • log out

In your account settings, you can change your location, privacy settings, email, deactivate your account, change notifications, block members, hide or show alerts.

Analyzing Prices

Analyzing Prices

Based on our Amor en Linea review, you have probably guessed that this dating platform is totally free. There are no hidden payments. All services are free of charge. The number of messages, likes, etc. is unlimited. Free services often mean advertisements, and this is the case. The website, as well as the Amor en Linea mobile app, includes advertisements. Fortunately, they are not pushy and do not disturb you that much.

Premium Access

A great number of dating services suggest both paid and free services. Thus, for example, premium accounts usually free you from ads. Some companies offer to pay only for some premium services like, for example, video-chats, but Amor en Linea is totally free.

How to Pay

No payments required.

Payment Systems

No payments required.

What Makes the Website Safe and Secure?

What Makes the Website Safe and Secure

Amor en Linea website pays a lot of attention to their members’ safety and security. They have the whole page dedicated to online dating safety tips. They also use their operators to notify members about possible scams. Amor en Linea claims that you should not be in a hurry with matches and feel pressured when communicating online. Do not hesitate if you want to ask something. Do not give your personal information to those people you do not trust 100 %. Your phone number, address, real name, etc., may help scammers. The dating site also claims to be anonymous, so until the member voluntarily reveals their personal information to others, they are totally safe. Another trick is to take someone’s number instead of giving yours and hide your number when calling. You should also be careful with alcohol and intimate places when you meet the members face to face. Amor en Linea hookup may turn to be a scam. Make sure your friends or relatives are informed about your location and plans. Taking into account a highly unproductive and difficult process of verifying the person on the internet, Amor en Linea encourages its users not to send money or gifts to other members.

Scam Possibility

Scam Possibility

Scammers happen, but rarely. Besides safety rules, Amor en Linea urges its members to report all suspicious or scam cases. There is a special Report Member button for that matter.

Special Features of the Website

  • News
  • Shout out

News is a special option that entertains and informs its users. It suggests different articles. You may read a success story of a couple who met each other on the website about 4 years ago, for example. The news service also inspires with funny statistics. Did you know that 60% of people search for their partners in bed, 25% —during their lunch break, 21% browse for dates sitting in the toilet or bath? Shout out is a special feature, which makes it possible for members to save their time. It enables you to send a thousand messages at once. The website claims it will help you to get 10 times more attention. You cannot write your text, but you may choose from 5 standard messages for the shout out.

On a Final Note

On a Final Note

The website looks neat and easy to use. Sponsor ads do not disturb you but make you sure that the website is free indeed and has no hidden payments. The shared profile base increases your chances of finding a match. The advanced search helps you make this match perfect. You can save much time, searching only for those members who are online and on a certain distance from you. The platform is sexually neutral and suggests an almost equal number of male and female profiles. Text messages have no limitations. Special options help entertain its members. The website pays much attention to safety. The anti-scam button helps its users feel secure. It is available in English and Spanish, with members being mostly from South and Central America, Australia, and Spain. The mobile app makes the Amor en Linea dynamic and comfortable. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!

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