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OkCupid Review 2023

OkCupid Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 50 000 000
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is easy to make your dating profile.
  • It has an inviting and vibrant login page.
  • You can enjoy core features with a free account. 
  • Not suitable if you are a conservative person.
  • There are fewer options for matches in smaller towns and cities.

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With so many positive OkCupid reviews, we could not help but wonder — is this site really so good? Most of the okcupid.com reviews we’ve come across seem to agree that this website works and finds people good matches. Still, in our OkCupid review, we decided to focus on more aspects that just match-making algorithms. As a result, our ok cupid dating review offers detailed info on user database, website functionality & design, the ins and outs of using this service, and of course, on its pricing. If short, user-generated ok cupid reviews did not answer some of your essential questions about using this website, you’re in the right place. Our full review of OkCupid will give you an idea of what it is like to use this service. The real goal of this ok cupid review is for users to figure out if they would enjoy using this dating site even before they sign up the platform. After all, no matter how many praising OkCupid reviews other people write, it still does not mean the website is 100% tailored to every person’s needs. Curious if it will suit yours? Read on!

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OkCupid Dating Site History & Overview

Ok cupid dating site stands out from other services in the same niche simply because it was founded in 2004, and it quickly became the most popular service worldwide. Right now, OkCupid dating community has over 50 million users in all corners of the globe, and only 10 million out of those fifty come from the US. So, OkCupid match and date opportunities are pretty impressive, no matter where you are located. Most dating OkCupid users are quite young — in their late twenties and early thirties. This, however, does not mean that you will not find anyone outside these demographics. After all, this is the most active age group for dating online, so no wonder this category dominates all present-day dating services. Originally, this website started as a platform for landing quick dates, but right now, people use it for all sorts of dating purposes — from hookups to commitment. Whatever your intentions are, OkCupid matches should not disappoint.

Is Okcupid Legit & Safe to Use?

Plenty of matches is surely a good thing, but are they good and authentic accounts? More importantly, is OkCupid legit? While profile verification procedures are quite standard, we do have reason to believe this site is safe to use. You should, of course, remember that not all accounts may be real — just like on any other dating service. But, spotting a fake account is always easier than it seems — especially since people can upload plenty of info from their Facebook accounts. So, we do believe OkCupid is legit — as legit as any online dating service can get.

Is Okcupid Legit & Safe to Use?

Okcupid Sign up and Login: 10 Minutes Away from Profile Creation

It may seem that the okcupid registration process is simpler and quicker than on most other platforms — mostly because there is an option of quick OkCupid login with your Facebook details. On the other hand, it really does not matter if you register with a good old email or social media — you will still have to fill in a questionnaire. It has plenty of questions about your personality and romantic preferences and is obligatory for anyone who wants to sign in OkCupid for the first time. On average, it takes about 7 minutes to answer all of those questions. So, we really appreciate a chance to login to OkCupid with Facebook details. This makes it possible to automatically fill in graphs with your age, location, and birthday. You can also use your Facebook picture instead of uploading a new one. All of this saves some time and gives newcomers a chance to focus on personality questions. There is also an email registration option on OkCupid login page, but since you will have to enter some details manually, Facebook might be a wiser idea. The site cannot post on social media, so your friends do not need to know about your cupid activity. On the other hand, profiles linked to social media always look more credible to the online dating community.

How to Use OkCupid for Dating and Communication?

On the whole, using OkCupid dating site is not that different from using any other website. It has all the basic search and communication tools. Users can define their search parameters and get matching suggestions from the OkCupid algorithm based on the info they entered during the registration. They can also search for other people manually. Besides, OkCupid has an already standard ‘like or not’ game. If two users mutually liked each other’s profiles, they can start chatting — for free. This is one of the most impressive and democratic features of OkCupid. Most other dating sites that sell paid subscriptions make it next to impossible to communicate unless people pay. With OkCupid, it is a bit different, and it is really good to know that two people can start talking for free — as long, of course, as they both like each other. As for the rest, the functionality remains pretty standard.

How to Use OkCupid for Dating and Communication?

OkCupid Desktop Version: Design & Usability

OkCupid desktop site is carefully designed and organized. The whole OkCupid website is built in white and blue hues, with pink for notifications, such as messages. More importantly, the site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. No one, regardless of previous tech experience, should have a problem navigating the OkCupid desktop version. Absolutely all tabs a user may need are available in the header, and more importantly, the names of those tabs speak for themselves. Of all the dating sites available today, OkCupid desktop is truly one of the best examples of usability and functionality.

Okcupid App Review of the Main Features

OkCupid app does not only offer the same functionality as the desktop; it improves on it. The Double Take feature, which is essentially a game of mutual likes, looks even better on OkCupid mobile app. Instead of just clicking on ‘like,’ users can swipe left or right, which makes the whole experience more logical for mobile. As for the rest, OkCupid app has the same features and design as the desktop version. Besides, it sends notifications when someone messages you, so with an app, all users can stay in touch on the go. One more strong point of OkCupid app review is that it is available both on iOS and Android, and is entirely free to download. Here, the developers really did a great job.

Okcupid App Review of the Main Features

How to Use OkCupid App on Different Devices

There is not much difference in using an OkCupid iPhone app or its Android version. The functionality is derived from the classic desktop version, so it does not rely on your mobile phone platform. Still, we must admit that the OkCupid app for Android looks and works just as sleek as its iOS version, which is another strong point in the developers’ favor. Normally, owners would make a huge effort for fancy devices and downsize on versions for more budget-wise phones. OkCupid does not, so using both app versions will be equally enjoyable.

Okcupid a List Features that Make this Site Unique

On the whole, OkCupid features are pretty standard, which is not a bad thing at all for a dating site. People here are looking for dates and do not want to be confused by any extraordinary functionality. Aside from user search and communication, people can benefit from:

  • Double Take, which is essentially a liking game. On the desktop, you click on the preferred option, and on mobile, you can just swipe left or right.
  • See who likes their profile, which is one of the obvious benefits of OkCupid. However, it is only available for paying members.
  • Profile boost in search results, which is also available for extra payment.
  • A blog with dating advice.

Another important feature we already touched upon in our OkCupid review is that users who like each other can communicate even without buying a website subscription. This is one of the most important perks this site has to offer, and this functionality really gives the service a competitive advantage.

Okcupid a List Features that Make this Site Unique

OkCupid Price on Premium Memberships

While it is entirely possible to use the site for free, OkCupid premium does offer a couple of benefits in comparison to free accounts. Note, however, that OkCupid prices will depend on the type of subscription you choose. The first subscription type, A list, is a more basic option. It disables ads, offers unlimited liking possibilities, and gives users a chance to see who liked their accounts. Besides, it opens up a few additional search filters. Sure, such functionality may not seem much, but OkCupid A List price is also minimal. One month of being an A-list member is less than $8, and this cost drops when you subscribe for three or six months. Three months subscription is $19 total, and six months of using this plan are $23.7. If you are looking for more extensive functionality, you should consider an A-List Premium subscription type. Aside from the basic fee-based services from the above, it has one profile boost a day, allows you to see other people’s answers to site automatic questions, offers more matches, and allows going into incognito mode. Of course, OkCupid price on premium a bit higher. Here, one month will cost you almost $25. Once again, the cost drops if you pay several months in advance. Three months of premium are $69 in total, and half a year — less than $120. To make your OkCupid cost and expenses control even more sophisticated, you can buy some virtual coins from the site. These credits can help you boost your profile in search results as often as you like and, thus, get you more exposure. These coins are a bit more expensive than on other dating sites — almost two bucks apiece. However, you do not need many of them to boost your profile in search results, so, in the end, the cost remains rather affordable.

Okcupid Hookup & Dating Odds

A lot of people wonder how good is OkCupid for hookups. After all, this used to be the primary focus of the service before plenty of users became interested in long-term commitment and serious relationships. On the whole, OkCupid casual hookups are still a thing, and it is possible to get quick dates on this platform. However, you should make it pretty clear in your profile description. Also, you should be explicitly honest when answering registration questions so that the site would show you users equally interested in OkCupid hookups. If you keep this in mind and stay honest, the chances for a quick OkCupid hookup are pretty high. After all, this site has a huge database of people worldwide and numbers alone make finding someone with similar intentions statistically probable. So, no matter if you need commitment or hookup OkCupid should be able to provide just what you hope for.

Okcupid Hookup & Dating Odds

Best Okcupid Questions from Users

Is OkCupid gay dating an option?

Yes, this site welcomes people with different orientations, even though most of its community is straight.

Are there OkCupid for couples accounts?

No, the site only supports individual account creation. You can, however, indicate that you are in a relationship, and both of you are looking to spice things up. Some users might be interested in that, too.

What is the number of daily visitors on OkCupid?

The site has over a million unique logins every day. About 20% of those logins come from the US, while the remaining 80% —from different countries in the world.

Is OkCupid rating high?

This website has a solid four out of five user ratings. This is a very impressive stat if you consider that no dating service can meet every person’s requirements to the fullest. A solid four is a high rating in comparison to most other sites.

How much time meeting someone from OkCupid will take?

This will mostly depend on what you are looking for. If you are active on the site, you can get first dates soon enough — often in less than a week after registering an account. But, of course, people looking for a serious relationship should be more patient — pretty much like in real life.

Does OkCupid dating service offer refunds?

No, this site does not offer any refunds at all. Besides, all paid subscriptions auto-renew automatically, so if you want to cancel your membership, make sure to do so in advance.

Best Okcupid Questions from Users

Conclusions on OkCupid: Is It Worth a Shot?

On the whole, OkCupid dating site deserves a shot. While this platform mostly focuses on heterosexual relationships, it does not restrict any other people from joining. While researching our OkCupid review, we noticed plenty of benefits of using this service and very little setbacks. The site is carefully designed and easy to navigate. The apps are available both for iPhones and Androids and offer the same functional features as the desktop version. In fact, apps actually improve on desktop functionality, which is not something you often see in this niche. The prices on this platform are very reasonable. Still, one of the main reasons to give OkCupid online dating a try is the simple fact that you can communicate for free, without buying any subscriptions. Sure, some free accounts could be fake, but that is a common situation on any website. Besides, we did not notice too many fishy accounts while working on this ok cupid review, so using this site is as safe as it gets.

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