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Fetlife Review 2023

Fetlife Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 2 000 000
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Has helped many people have affairs;
  • Easy to use platform;
  • Lack of fake profiles;
  • Information is kept safe.
  • There is no matching algorithm.

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In comparison to most dating and hookup platforms, Fetlife website really does stand out. Unlike most other adult sites, it does not really charge for its services but runs entirely on donation. However, one of the truly impressive features of Fet life is its target audience. As one can easily guess from the name, Fetlife is for people with fetishes. It is designed to bring together people who love BDSM and a variety of other sexual kinks. Thousands of users write numerous Fetlife reviews, and most of their feedback is praising. Still, Fetlife reviews left by users are not always detailed enough and, more importantly, they are pretty subjective. Our Fetlife review tries to do exactly the opposite, staying as objective as it can possibly get. In our detailed Fetlife review, you will find all the information on this site’s features, design, and — more importantly— users. If you wanted to give this service a try but were not sure if the platform is worth a shot, this Fetlife review is for you because it answers all questions an interested person may have.

What Is Fetlife: A Background Story

What Is Fetlife: A Background Story

We’ve briefly touched on what does Fetlife mean already — it is a community for people with all sorts of fetishes, particularly a hub for people who love BDSM. It all got inspired by its founder’s fantasies, as well as — if we’re completely frank — his problems while meeting like-minded women. Such a story is, no doubt, impressive but the real question — what is Fetlife now? Did it live up to his expectations, or did it turn out to be something entirely different? From what we summed up about Fetlife, it pretty much meets all of the creator’s expectations. While working on this Fetlife review, we even found out that all members of the development team shared the owner’s interest, which is one of the reasons why this website turned out so great. Fetlife BDSM community is a vibrant and active hub that eagerly welcomes newcomers and is not afraid of sharing their desires with the world.

Security And Profile Quality: Is Fetlife Legit And Safe?

The next important question — is Fetlife legit, or is it just a bunch of fake accounts? This, of course, does not have a definite yes or no answer, because some profiles may indeed be fake. After all, this site has over 8 million accounts, and over a hundred thousand more users join every month. Still, we are absolutely confident that it is possible to make use of safe Fetlife features. All it takes is keeping a clear head and not sharing too many personal details online. Even though identity verification is not obligatory on this service, we have a strong reason to believe that Fetlife BDSM community is mostly real. This site has a lot of social media functionality as it allows adding friends and watching their feeds. So, this is more than just a hookup site — even though it definitely works this way, too. Besides, almost every user-generated Fetlife review mentions how friendly and realistic the website community is.

How Does Fetlife Work In A Nutshell?

Fetlife website is more than just an adult platform with pornographic content. While it does feature a lot of functions classic for the dating website, it also offers its users plenty of social media perks. It is not necessary to hook up with every person you meet on Fetlife; you can add them to friends and watch their status updates — pretty much like you would on other social media platforms. Still, one of the truly outstanding features of Fetlife is its focus on fetishes. Users can add a 60-character description of what gets them going and search for people who share their interests. This is the main focus of the site, and from what we’ve seen while researching this Fetlife review, this feature is very effective in meeting new connections.

The next important question is how to find people on Fetlife. Just like on any other dating site, you can look for users manually via the search tab or make use of the site’s automatic suggestions. Note, however, that Fetlife user search filter is not very detailed, and you will only have a chance to indicate some very basic parameters. On the one hand, you will get tons of suggestions. On the other one, you will have to read through profile descriptions to find people who really meet your requirements. Fetlife profile search is 100% free, like most of this site’s features.

Fetlife Registration And Login: Few Clicks Away From Profile Creation

Fetlife Registration And Login: Few Clicks Away From Profile Creation

Creating a new Fetlife account is free of charge, just like using it later. Initial Fetlife sign up will not take you long because you only need to mention the basics. Users do need to indicate their age, location, orientations, and kinks, but all of those graphs will not take them long. A unique Fetlife nickname, as well as a strong password, is also obligatory. Before your new Fetlife login becomes valid, users will need to verify their phone numbers. The site sends a simple activation code to your mobile. Giving an email address is also necessary, but the service uses it as an additional verification method. You will only need it if you forget your username/password or lose your phone. That is pretty much all you need for the Fetlife log in to start working.

Profile Quality And Details: How Informative Are Accounts?

An average Fetlife profile is pretty detailed. It includes six major tabs that offer extensive information about the users. All people fill in the very first tab when they register, so everything you entered before already gets your profile started. The second stage is filling out a text form with a personal narrative. The default is in plain text, but this box supports all sorts of formatting for a more impressive presentation, so feel free to make this description creative and eye-catching. Next, there is a tab with your relationship status. Just like on Facebook, you can tag a person you are in a relationship with. While the site does not support couple accounts, this is a nice perk for couples looking for some kinky fun. Section four is a field where you can ‘advertise’ websites and resources you like. Fill it with valuable websites and keep community interests in mind. If you do not have any sites you wish to recommend, just skip this part. The fifth section is for your photos and the sixth one — for videos. Here, most users post very sexually explicit content, so no reason to be shy about what you share. While filling all of those out may seem time-consuming, note that the best Fetlife profiles feature all of this information. So, you’d better make an effort and go through all of them. Besides, all info users provide gets analyzed in Fetlife profile search. So, to make the most of this website and its matching suggestions, people are expected to spend some time writing. Also, do not forget that this site has a bit of social media functionality, so it will post status updates about your activity on the website. People in your friend list will see that — just like on Facebook. But, you can also make your profile private or simply disable all feed features if you are not interested in this functionality.

Fetlife Desktop And App: Quick Comparison

Fetlife Desktop And App: Quick Comparison

Even though there is a classic browser version, only 30% of people use Fetlife desktop. And, we have reason to believe those are Apple fans because there is simply no Fetlife app iPhone users can install. Hopefully, this will eventually change, but we’ll just have to wait and see. The funny thing is, Fetlife Android app is also not available on the play market. There is only an official APK version on the company website. It is easy to download and install, so Android users really have nothing to worry about. But what is Fetlife app, in a nutshell? It is a carefully des

igned, polished up product that does not compromise on any of the desktop features. The only difference we’ve noticed between desktop and app version is that the latter one has a limit on stored messages. In contrast to Fetlife app, the desktop version stores absolutely all of the user messages. As for the rest, it is very functional and versatile. It sends messages, has the same search filters, and sends notifications when someone messages you. The only fact that 70% of all users run this app on mobile is indicator enough of the product quality. But, of course, every Fetlife review from an iPhone user complains about not having the option of installing an APK version.

Fetlife Price On Donations And Fee-Based Services

There is no price for Fetlife membership since this site runs on voluntary donations. All essential communication tools and features are available for free. Those who choose to sponsor the site get a complimentary batch from the service. So, all users are free to set a price for Fetlife membership for themselves — if they want to pay it at all. However, when digging info for our Fetlife review, we’ve noticed that there are a couple of fee-based services on this platform. But, even those perks remain very optional, and if you do not order any of those, your experience with the service will not be compromised. For a very insignificant fee, paying users can scroll 25 times backward in their feeds and see the most popular pictures on the site. As you can plainly see, this functionality is not very impressive (or even downright necessary), which is clearly reflected in the service fee. Six months of using these services costs $30 total; a full year is $60, and two years is $120. So, the price per month remains unchanged — just $5. Besides, people who get this plan, also benefit from an “I Support FetLife” badge because let’s face it — they do. Another impressive thing about Fetlife is that it supports a whole array of payment methods for its sponsors. Here, you have standard credit cards and bank transfers, as well as less common BitCoin payments, Paysafecard, and GiroPay.

Fetlife Website Usability And Design

Fetlife Website Usability And Design

Fet life is one of those rare sites that have outstanding design and navigation. For a free service, this is truly impressive. Fetlife website has a black background and red contrasting elements, which is both bold and kinky. Besides, you do not even need a Fetlife review to find out how user-friendly this service is. You will clearly see it right from the start. All essential functions are where they are supposed to be, and absolutely all tabs are self-explicable. Messages, updates, user search — everything is in the right place and hard to miss. Using Fet life is nice and simple, and there are very few sites that can boast such a polished up UI. And, since the app is quite similar to the desktop, most users enjoy both options. Besides, don’t forget that this site is optimized for mobile, so even if your device does not support APK files, you can still use this service on the go via a mobile browser.

Fetlife Hookup Possibilities: What Are The Odds?

Still, one of the most pressing concerns for sexually active people is whether Fetlife hookup website will actually land them dates, or will it all go down to cybersex? The answer here is both because almost anyone can find what they want on Fetlife hookup service. The trick, like we mentioned, is making it 100% clear what you are looking for — and that is why this site has such detailed profiles. It’s true that some people using this site come looking for hot content and are not very eager to meet in person. However, you can adjust your search settings and find exactly what you need with this site. Given how friendly and open-minded the community is, you just have to stick to your thing, and no one will ever take offenses. Real-time Fetlife hookup is 100% realistic, and you do not even have to spend a single dime to get laid. But, you have to specify that this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Conclusions About The Site And Its Community

Conclusions About The Site And Its Community

Giving Fetlife BDSM and kink community a try is definitely worth it. Not only is this site carefully designed, but it is also entirely free. No one at Fetlife will be fishing for sponsorship and donations, and fee-based features are not at all essential to make the most of this website experience. It is no wonder that there are so many praising Fetlife reviews online, and we have a strong reason to believe most of them are genuine. The only real flaw of this service is that it does not have an iPhone app, but even this is tolerable given that the website is carefully optimized for mobile. There is no other issue we’ve noticed while researching this Fetlife review, so out verdict is: go ahead, plunge into the amazing world of BDSM, hookups, and cybersex.

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