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Match.com Review 2023

Match.com Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 63%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 29 400
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 5.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • For most people, the most fantastic thing about Match is the cool features of the site. These features are both accessible through the app and the website – more on this later. For instance, there is a discovery tool that helps you locate members near you.
  • It also hosts the largest amount of people in comparison to other sites. Match uses a set of algorithms that not only depend on the likes and dislikes you've filled in, but it also analyzes your activity to offer suggestions on a near-perfect match.
  • This Match review also found plenty of advantages to joining with an unpaid account. This helps if you are only assessing the different options. You can then access more features under a premium account.
  • It has a seamless experience on both phone and website.
  • It doesn’t ask you a plethora of questions when joining.
  • No need to link your separate social media accounts.
  • No face filters on photos; thus, what you see is probably what you’ll get.
  • Tired of meeting online? Why don’t you sign up for Match Events in your region?
  • Reports of scammers who are only looking for money on the site from unsuspecting members!
  • Auto-renewal of subscriptions unless one manually prevents this from happening! Once it happens, people have claimed that the site refused to refund money after two days of auto-renew.
  • Poor customer services from those who have had complaints.
  • Others have thrown stones at the site for never getting the pair they expected on their unpaid accounts even after upgrading to a premium account.
  • Apart from poor web services, some have cried foul due to the gender imbalance in this site, as is the case with most dating sites. Moreover, a good number of those who sign up are not available when it comes to responding.

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Match.com boasts of the longest presence in the online dating industry with a lasting impression of 25 years. It is the parent to all the present dating sites, and as such, a lot of the upcoming ones borrow a lot from this dating site. This is not to say it is what it used to be ten years ago. As a matter of fact, they have scaled their game and are now incorporating high tech algorithms in their matchmaking. This Match review is meant to assess all these slick features. It will also help you decide whether Match is the right dating website for you.

Since its inception in 1995, Match now stands at the online dating community’s peak by hooking up more than 700,000 lonely souls on an annual basis. It suits people from all walks of life and all ages and is now in more than 50 countries. They have come up with systems that competitors can only copy from. Nonetheless, Match.com still has its disadvantages, and this Match review is meant to disclose them. By the end of this review, you should be able to make a sound decision.

All in all, what others have experienced is not necessarily what you will experience. We will proceed to tell you of all the exciting features Match.com will offer you.

Is Match.com Legit or a Scam?

Match.com Legit or a Scam

What is that thing they usually say about one man’s meat being another man’s poison? Your experience may be different from other people, and it probably depends on your lucky star. Even though some have reported an annoying presence of scammers, this Match review did not find the site to be a scam. About 33% of those who join on an annual basis have reported having started relationships that lasted for more than three months. About these are seen to be in flourishing long-term relationships with their soul mates.

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for; a short term fling or a long-time relationship, you will find it in Match.com.

What Kind of Members Are on this Site?

With its headquarters firmly situated in Dallas, Texas, Match can now boast an online presence in more than 50 countries. It uses your geographical locality or zip code together with your preferences to match you up with the type of mate you want. Whether it be tech professionals or lawyers, doctors or those kindergarten teachers who always make you look back twice, or a housewife who isn’t tied down by many commitments, you’ll find them all in Match. It also hosts more elderly people than any site, thus incorporating peeps from all ages and walks of life.

There have been reports of women experiencing more men’s online presence, but those with successful relationships have something different to say. Some men may have had zero connections even after receiving winks under their free account. However, this goes for women too. As such, our advice would be – keep trying until you can’t try anymore! You never know what’s in store for you.

What Kind of Members Are on this Site?

Sexual Orientation?

Are you Christian, Hindu, Jew, or Muslim and are strict on getting the same connections? Well, Match.com has your back. Are you also biased towards race or hair color? The site uses its algorithms to hook you up with exactly what you need! The site operates under a ‘something for everyone’ idealistic motto. This means that whatever your sexual preference is, you’ll probably find it in Match.

Age Distribution on Match.com

The site will have anyone who is above the age of maturity. Nonetheless, it isn’t the 18-year-olds who constitute the bigger cream of members: it is those who fall between the ages of 20-55 years. This is not to say you won’t find someone older or younger than 20. Just fill-up the age preference section, and you’ll be able to see how many members in your locality fall under that age group.

Sign Up Process & Login Info

The only difficult task for the new member is finding an eye-catching photo, considering it doesn’t allow filters on photos. Nonetheless, you can fill up the photo section with a maximum of 26 of your best photos. You just have to fill the ‘About Me’ section, which is compulsory for every new member. This takes less than 5 minutes.

You also have the chance to be more descriptive about your personality if serious about what you want. You can fill the summary section with up to 4000 characters. This may take a bit longer to fill, though. Once all the fields are filled, some which are optional, you can then proceed to the actual site to start your search. Depending on how thorough you were with your orientation, you will get a list of your first compatibles. You can like the photo of your preferred persona by clicking the heart icon. Moreover, you still get to advance and alter your filters with time if your preferences change, and you desire something different.

Profile Creation

Match.com Profile Creation

It should first be noted that upon subscription, others won’t be able to see your profile as the administrators authenticate your profile. It will be submitted to the site’s moderators once you have added your photo.

Let’s backtrack a bit: so, you’ve finished filling your essential credentials like your zip code and email, what next? You will be taken through 5 short screens to fill out your tastes in a mate. Starting with the physical attributes to the background, language, and even the personality and habits! Next, the site fixates on you. Who are you? What are you looking for? What are your ambitions in life and wants? You’ll then get to write a short introductory bio. Most of these fields are optional, and one doesn’t have to give every tiny detail about their life. This Match review suggests that you just give enough to make hunters hunt for more!

About Messaging Potential Matches

The most you can get with a free membership is a wink and likes. Nevertheless, to send and receive messages, you have to subscribe to a paid membership. This should be done once you have spotted your potentials, sent them a reaction and received a reaction from them.

The Best Platform for Use

Sure they do have a desktop and a mobile app that was upgraded back in April of 2014. But which is the best platform to use when joining Match?

Desktop Use

You will find every possible feature when accessing the website through your desktop. However, our assessment found one perk to using the desktop: members who had complaints were directed to download the app after contacting customer care. This can be frustrating for those who don’t want to do anything with the app for personal reasons.

MatchMobile App

Alternatively, you can take your dating experience in the app, which offers you flexibility. Here, you get to access all the features that the site’s website offers you. That notwithstanding, members who have tried deactivating their accounts through the app have found this to be impossible and have resulted in going back to the desktop version. That aside, it can be hosted in almost any mobile device, including Windows Phone, Android, Palm Pre, iPhone, and Blackberry!

Design and Usability of Match.com

Match.com Design and Usability

Everything else held constant, and Match has one of the best user experience for its members. Besides the winks and likes, the site regularly updates your search criteria to show you newer members in your preferred section. As though that were not enough, you still get a search menu, the unviewed matches, menu stripes, favorites, notifications, and your connections all on the home page.

Scheming through the site is quite easy and uncomplicated for the end-user. The search tool presents you with a ‘Discovery feature’ that lets you narrow down your search. It also offers you relative privacy once you decide to reach out to your date by hiding your actual number until you are ready to reveal your identity. You will also encounter a smart inbox that’ll sort out your messaging list depending on your previous interactions.

Match.com Costing and Price Details

Exactly how much will it cost you to get a hookup in Match? You might think they are expensive until you evaluate reviews for its competitor dating sites – only then will you be fully grateful for the Match pricing model.

  • $22.65 monthly for an annual plan
  • $23.99 monthly for a semi-annual plan
  • $26.65 monthly for a year
  • $42.99 for one month!

But you can still get a better and fairer deal when you access coupons, promo codes, and discount links. This gets better during the retail holidays of the year, where you can get a discount of up to $13.50 monthly for the annual plan!

Match.com Price Details

This is what you won’t enjoy without a premium account;

  • Messaging options
  • Weekly VIP emails
  • Daily mutual matches to view members who are compatible with your idealistic appeal
  • The singled out feature which narrows down the daily mutual match
  • New-user highlights
  • Email filters
  • Receive and make calls to potentials
  • Date sparks to meet potentials
  • Match words to narrow down your search to specific words like ‘football’ or ‘golf.’
  • Reverse matches to view those that have viewed you
  • The list goes on and on…

Payment Systems

Match.com has now incorporated many payment systems. Other than the cards accepted, they recently introduced cryptocurrencies making payment more flexible. Nonetheless, be sure to cancel your paid subscription once you want to opt-out, deactivate, or finally get your dream partner.

Safety & Security

Match has not gained popularity and won awards for nothing. In 2015, after noting the safety breeches experienced when using the HTTPs protocol, Match upgraded their systems for better encryption of user data. Moreover, they started screening profiles and language use to prevent cases of scamming and abuse. Though that’s not enough, they also uphold NCSA’s motto of ‘Stop, Think, Connect,’ and go a step further to issue members dating tips.

Does the Site Contain Scams?

Unfortunately, the site has not fully warded off scammers even after setting up screening protocols. But this is not only a problem with Match as many an online platform struggle with this too. Instead of getting all worked up with scammers and blaming the site for this, it is best to report the scammer and proceed on to the next date to avoid frustrations. “If they ask for money, your red lights should be turned on!”

Does the Site Contain Scams?

Special Features

In this match preview, we’ve perhaps only mentioned half of the special features you won’t find in any other dating site. But there’s still more! Match offers a list of 7 games, which can be a great way to start any conversations. They include:

  • Gut Reaction,
  • Food Critic,
  • Name That Dance,
  • Romance Rip Off,
  • If I Could,
  • Best and Worst, and
  • Drawn Together.

Other than helping you get acquainted with your partner, it also assists the algorithms in understanding you better, storing your data, and sorting it out in the future.

Furthermore, your profile will be highlighted with a unique color and appear first in search results with a paid membership. This will form a positive first impression on your probable dates. You will also be notified once your match opens and reads your messages and email notifications.

Conclusion of this Match Review

As you’ve already seen, it’s not all good with any dating site, neither is it always a bad thing. Match.com may be a slippery slope for you if you are limited in patience. As a parent in online dating, they are still faced with certain challenges. That said, they have still been able to withstand the test of time and pioneer many connections in different cities, states, and countries. Match believes dating should be borderless and have expanded to offer various languages in different countries – more meeting opportunities.

We will not tell you which dating site is best for you, as this is a matter of the heart. It also has to deal with your time and resources. Ours is just to point out the two sides of the coins and leave the ball rolling in your court. Now that you’ve had a better understanding of Match.com, is it the dating site you’ve been looking for?

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