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Adultfriendfinder Review 2023

Adultfriendfinder Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 55%
Popular Age 26-34
Profiles 1 800 000
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 5.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The dating site has an outstanding number of registered users (over 80 million). Regardless of how appealing a dating site is to the eye, it is advisable not to give it a second thought if its pool of members is below average. The bigger the subscriber-numbers, the better it is for you as you will have a higher chance of getting someone to make contact with. Adultfriendfinder sure ticks this box.
  • Adultfriendfinder offers free registration, which will allow you to create your account and come up with a profile of your liking. In addition to this, you can search for any of the dating site’s users near your location and decide whether there is a person worth contacting.
  • The website provides a platform for users to create in-depth profiles. This, in turn, will allow you to evaluate whether you share some interests with a particular person by simply going through his/her profile. By doing so, you will have by-passed the long process of setting up meetings with people and then calling it quits after long, tedious hours of talking due to lack of connecting with them.
  • For the Adultfriendfinder users living in neighborhoods with many people, chances of hooking up with someone a few hours after registering with the dating site are pretty high.
  • It’s not the best site to turn to when searching for genuine romantic relationships.
  • As much as registration with the dating site is free, you’ll be required to pay some extra coins to enjoy some of the premia features Adultfriendfinder has to offer.
  • The people living in remote areas may be forced to travel for long distances to physically meet up with Adultfriendfinder users they can connect with.

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Adultfriendfinder is a popular online dating site that specializes in casual adult dating. The dating site was founded in the US to assist its subscribers to get the best sex suitors via its numerous link-up features. Adultfriendfinder facilitates all kinds of sex escapades, including monogamy and couple sharing, among many other types of arrangements.

In this Adultfriendfinder review, we will see what makes this dating site a must-visit destination for both single people and those who are in relationships and but are searching for the most foolproof ways to light up their sex world. The dating site provides a platform for its users to search and contact people for consensual hookups hence making it a more “fun” oriented website rather than a typical relationship based dating site. Would you like to learn more about this intriguing site? Tag along as we dive into the ultimate Adultfriendfinder review.

Is Adultfriendfinder a Valid Online Dating Site, or Is It a Scam?

Adultfriendfinder Review

Adultfriendfinder is not a perfect online dating site, but it’s far from qualifying to be called a scam. One of the telltale signs of valid online dating sites is the number of subscribers they have as it is almost impossible to successfully rip-off millions of people for years without end. In this regard, Adultfriendfinder has proved to be a legit online dating site as it boasts of having over 80 million active subscribers.

In addition to this, the site has a strict user authentication protocol, which ensures that the registered accounts belong to actual people and are not products of manipulation by bots. What’s more, most adult-finder reviews have testimonials from people who have used the dating site before and have had the first-hand experience with its legit services as advertised by the dating site.

It’s also possible for you to evaluate whether the dating site is valid or not by taking advantage of its free registration. This will give you access to a free account, which in turn will allow you to scrutinize the dating site’s features and services and find out whether there are any signs of a scam.

What is the Dating Site’s Membership Structure Like?

Adultfriendfinder Membership Structure Like

Adult-finder has over 80 million subscribers, and they are spread worldwide, with the US having the most significant percentage of users.

Age Distribution

The dating site allows for the exchange of sexual material with both male and female users open to sharing their nudity through photos, videos, or even live feeds as the site’s main goal is to help users get hookups. Having said this, the largest percentage of the site’s users are aged between 25 and 50, with over 70% being men and around 25% of them being ladies.

Sexual Orientation

The dating site doesn’t discriminate against its users’ sexual orientation, with the LGBTQ community being well represented in Adultfriendfinder’s membership.

The Registration Process

Adultfriendfinder Registration Process

This online dating site’s registration process is both straightforward and convenient; taking the average user around five minutes. For starters, the registration is free for anyone interested, regardless of their location, race, or even gender. Once you’ve gone to the Adultfriendfinder website, you will be required to input your email, username of choice, and the password you’ll be using for logging in in the future. Of importance is that the dating site recommends its members to use their usernames when interacting with each other, but a person can direct the website to use their real name as his/her main identifier.

Once you’ve done so, the website will give you a few questions that seek to gather some of your basic information and make the process of profile creation easier. One of the notable things the site requires new subscribers to state is their sexual orientation and the sexual preference of the people they’d want to hook up with. After you‘ve finished all the above, the website will then verify your identity by sending an activation link to the email provided. You should log in to your email address and click on the link to finish setting up your Adultfriendfinder account. Quite simple, don’t you think?

How to Create a Good Profile

Creating a remarkable Adultfriendfinder profile is easy but requires some spicing up for you to attract as many people as possible. In light of this, below are some tips that you could consider when coming up with one.

  1. Always Upload The Best Photos – Regardless of how outstanding your profile’s written content is, it can all go down the drain if you go wrong with the pictures in your profile. Ensure that you comb through your photo stores to find the perfect pictures that set you up on high pedestals (Avoid those that could under-sell you i.e., you could be looking pretty in a photo, but your face gets overshadowed by a dumpster in the background). With such good photos at hand, you can add them up with those that depict your interests and creative sides, such as hiking, swimming, or painting photos, and you will have a gold-mine of a photo gallery.
  2. Include Ideas that Will Prompt Adultfriendfinder Users to Start a Conversation with You – If people find it difficult to approach you, the easier it is for them to skip your profile and search for better matches.
  3. Fill Your Profile with Positivity – Ensure that you’re positive when posting content on your profile. Even though you are right from a breakup, it’s better to leave out such details in your profile and instead say something like, “I’m searching for new sexual adventures, preferably from a kinky couple as I would love to learn much from them to help me out in my next relationship.”
  4. Always Walk The Talk – Showing people some of your personality traits will go a long way toward drawing them to you compared to simply telling them about these traits. For instance, people will be more attracted to you if you crack them up in your profile, instead of explaining how funny you are and leaving it.


Most Adultfriendfinder reviews show that one of their strongholds in the diverse system of communication the dating site has laid out for its subscribers. This website has a vast array of platforms where users get to know each other better and choose the people that they would like to hook up with. Some of the communication media in place include live streams, chatrooms, and direct message features.

For the subscribers with free accounts, the system doesn’t permit them to initiate private conversations such as messaging potential partners or commenting on blogs and videos, among other things. If you would like to enjoy the many contacting features that the site has to offer, you’ll need to first upgrade from a free account. By doing so, you’ll be better placed to both receive and send direct messages to other members with upgraded accounts as well as utilize the site’s “instant chat” properties.

In addition to the above, this dating site provides a platform for you to keep records of your sexual adventures and then showcase them in the form of vlogs on the site. Adultfriendfinder subscribers can also come up with sexual stories and post them on their profiles. This feature was set up to help potential suitors understand your “mental-space” regarding sexual encounters and help them decide whether or not to engage you. For example, if a user has laced their profile with dominatrix based stories (which could be either real or made-up), he/she could attract or repel other users based on how they feel about such sexual encounters.

The Various Platforms You Can Use

Adultfriendfinder Various Platforms You Can Use


Subscribers can access Adultfriendfinder’s website through searching for Adultfriendfinder.com. The website contains all the information concerning this online dating site, from the account registration platform to the site’s help desk. In addition to the above, the website has been customized to fit into both the desktop and mobile setups. The desktop version is recommended if browsing with a laptop or pc as it has been optimized to display more information on a single page.


The Adultfriendfinder dating site boasts of a remarkable application that’s available on both the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. The app is simple but still pleasing to the eye and impresses on how organized it keeps things. In a nutshell, the mobile app combines most of Adultfriendfinder’s website properties and lays them down in easier access and convenient way to use while on the move.

The Dating Site’s Design and User Experience

The dating site has a good-enough design that’s not all pretty but provides one of the best user experiences online dating sites have. Other than the ads that occasionally interrupt the users with free accounts, the dating site’s usability is a force to reckon with.

With the exceptional user-friendly design created by the site’s engineers, users have an easy time moving through the various menus and scrolling through the different options presented to them. In addition to this, subscribers can access live feeds from other users and search for potential suitors through the “contact” and “search” platforms.

Adultfriendfinder Costs and Prices

Adultfriendfinder Costs and Prices

The dating site allows a user to choose between using a free account and one with paid membership. The paid accounts come in three different packages that are all designed to suit different subscriber-needs. These subscription packages have been divided based on the length of the plan’s validity i.e., monthly, quarter-annually of annually. Regardless of the type of account you choose, there are some significant features that you’ll be well-positioned to enjoy.

Differences between Free and Paid Accounts

Paid Adult-finder accounts unlock myriads of features for users, with the most notable ones being viewing other subscribers’ entire profiles and chatting with potential partners. On the other hand, those with free accounts enjoy plenty of the site’s functions as their main restrictions are communication features. Some of the aspects they have access to include: participating in live feeds and liking other subscribers’ photos and videos.

The Payment Process

Adultfriendfinder Payment Process

Based on reports from numerous Adultfriendfinder reviews, this dating site has one of the most straightforward payment processes. All a user is required to do is go to the “make payments” menu, select the service that they want to pay for (which often has its price indicated beside it), and authorize it through their preferred mode of payment.

The Payment Systems Facilitated by the Dating Site

Adultfriendfinder allows users to make payments through numerous platforms to help the site reach out to many people, regardless of where they are located in the world. Some of the best modes of payment facilitated by the dating site include credit cards, PayPal, and direct bank transfers.

The Dating Site’s Safety & Security Properties

Adultfriendfinder Site’s Safety & Security Properties

Adultfriendfinder ensures that its subscribers are assured of the preservation of their privacy, and that can enjoy good internet security. One of the ways it achieves the above is by setting up a thorough email verification process when users register for accounts. This not only helps make sure that a subscriber is who he/she claims to be but also gives the dating site a lead to how they can trace the person if he/she is found guilty of jeopardizing the security of other members.

In addition to this, the dating site is strict on monitoring any fraudulent activities that are contrary to the site’s terms of the agreement. As has been shown in reports from Adultfriendfinder reviews, the guilty subscribers have their membership terminated immediately.

Is Adultfriendfinder a Scam?

In its 20 plus years of existence, this dating site has never been in the spotlight for scam-related issues. As we had seen in the Adultfriendfinder review above, carrying out purely legitimate services and practices some of the secrets behind the dating site commanding a subscriber-pool of over 80 million people.

The Dating Site’s Special Features

Adultfriendfinder Dating Site’s Special Features

Adultfriendfinder has several features that help in spicing up its subscribers’ experience in the site. Below are some of the most popular ones;

  1. Live Feeds – This is a platform where you get to view users that are broadcasting publicly. Most subscribers tailor their broadcasts to entertain and bait people into hooking up with them.
  2. Chatrooms – For the members looking for somewhere to offload their sexual fantasies, then the Adultfriendfinder chatrooms are the place to visit. There are hundreds of thousands of real-time chatrooms on the site and require no extra charges to join.
  3. The Adultfriendfinder Magazine – As suggested by the name, this is a magazine hosted by the dating site and whose content is derived from members’ blogs.
  4. Sex Tutorials – The dating site houses a platform where tutorial videos are uploaded on various aspects about sex e.g., tips on oral sex. However, you will be required to pay additional coins on top of your membership fee to access this platform.


Adultfriendfinder has a variety of ways through which members can communicate and connect hence making it appeal to millions of people across the world. In case you’re looking for a relationship to help get your groove on (sexually), then Adultfriendfinder is the place for you to begin your search. This dating site gives you a platform to bond with people with similar interests, but it also creates a chilled-out atmosphere for its users to openly share their sexual desires.

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